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Don't miss the Q&A with innovator and manufacturer of Somavedic Ivan Rybjansky | video

Innovator and manufacturer of Somavedic Ivan Rybjanský answers the most common questions about health (VIDEO)

Somavedic is a device that has already fascinated more than 140,000 satisfied users around the world with its wide range of effects.

Naturally, many questions arise around Somavedic, which we answer individually for everyone who expresses an interest through our customer care.

However, we decided to film the popular Q&A format directly with the innovator and inventor of Somavedic, Ivan Rybjanský. You can watch the first episode on health right here on our blog.

Individual questions in the video:

  • How does Somavedic work?
  • Is Somavedic a placebo?
  • Does Somavedic have any harmful effects on the human body?
  • For how many people is Somavedic for?
  • How can the effect of Somavedic be measured?
  • How does Somavedic and electrosmog work?
  • What makes Somavedic different from the competition?
  • What are geopathogenic zones and how are they measured?
  • I turn off the Wifi, turn off the phone, drop the fuses. Is that a solution?
  • How does Somavedic affect water?
  • Can Somavedic affect the function of a pacemaker?
  • Can Somavedic be used during pregnancy?
  • I got electrosmog readings at Bicom. How is that possible?

Do you have an interesting question?

Send it to us by e-mail: We will try to include it in our list and answer your question in future episodes.

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