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Medic reference from Martin

When I heard about the effects of the Somavedic device for the first time several years ago, I thought it sounded too wonderful to be really true - and I completely dismissed it from my mind.

A few years later, my friend brought me two packages and said: "One is for you, one is for Teal Swan. Give it to her at the seminar, since I'll be in the Amazon at that point." I opened it - and it was Somavedic! At last, it found its way to me...

I went home to my girlfriend and we plugged it in. Suddenly, the room was full of a strange, subtle energy, and we felt slightly dizzy in a nice way, something like an expanded consciousness. We found the "thing" very interesting...

We found out that the core of the device is made from minerals, semi-precious and precious stones. These are known to contain an unbelievable amount of healing energy we are still not able to use properly, but Somavedic can regulate and release this energy. If we have certain minerals in a particular arrangement and let them work on us, their vibrations work together to harmonize our environment, i.e. remove negative energy. In the newly balanced, harmonized environment, there are no barriers to the flow of life-giving energy which quickly leads to an improvement of our health.

As I was able to feel the Somavedic energy, I was curious about the opinion of the American spiritual teacher Teal Swan who is able not only to feel energies but also to see them. Several weeks after I gave her the device, she mailed me. She wrote she actually watched the device change the structure of harmful energy patterns into beneficial ones. It restructures them so they are no longer harmful to health and creates a sort of a protective shield against negative influences. She watched its positive impact on geopathogenic zones and electrosmog as well as on various energy imprints, such as places of various tragic events, like where someone committed suicide.

Gradually I began to notice the first health benefits. Above all, I noticed that I no longer feel the need for an afternoon nap. With no geopathogenic zones, I could finally get enough energy when sleeping and had no lack of it during the day. This full energy recharge came in handy during my first fast: for 21 days, I ate nothing and drank only distilled water. It went surprisingly smoothly and without any problems although I had no previous experience.

In addition to many positive changes in my physical body, I noticed how the Somavedic energy could stir up even stagnant waters of my mental problems and blocks. Suddenly they began to bubble up to the surface with such intensity that it was no longer possible to just sweep them back under the carpet. I had to look them in the eye and start resolving them. I felt that this was exactly what I needed to develop.

The Somavedic effect on a spiritual level is notable, too. I feel the subtle energy released from minerals increases the vibrations, frees from the matter, raises consciousness and connects to higher realms. I have an easier time recognizing hints (synchronicities) coming to me. I clearly realize the connection between my thoughts and events around me. My intuition is enhanced. However, the most interesting experience I had with Somavedic was on the highway. My girlfriend and I went shopping to a nearby town. It was raining and the ruts were full of water. Suddenly, the oncoming car skidded and started swerving from side to side. Only a small distance separated us and we both went quite fast, so the situation was quite serious. Suddenly we noticed something unusual was happening. The movement of the car sliding in the opposite direction was incredibly slow, as if in slow motion. It took an eternity for it to swerve all the way from left to right and back again. Our cars were hardly coming any closer together. We slowed down, drove off the road into the grass and stopped. It took an incredibly long time before the car glided up to us and stopped. Nobody was hurt. We always have Somavedic in our car, and - according to the law of attraction - its high-vibrational protective field did not allow such a low-vibrational event such as an accident come closer.

Excited by these observations, I felt the urge to meet the man who produces Somavedic. I discovered that his extraordinary clairvoyant abilities help him to put together the core of the device. I also learned that he is able to remotely locate geopathogenic zones, diagnose causes of health problems and help remove them. I also found out that even though measuring subtle energies emitted by minerals is not simple, it can be done in specialized scientific laboratories. Somavedic effects can also be measured by all bio-resonance devices. It is no coincidence that many Somavedic customers are bio-resonance centers, including one of the leading producers of bio-resonance devices in the world.

In closing, I just want to add that since time immemorial people have known about the healing power of minerals and therefore the most healing minerals, such as gold or silver, were always the most valuable. Somavedic can not only control and release this energy from minerals but also use it for specific purposes as necessary. It is a wonderful aid on a physical level as well as psychological and spiritual levels, helping to change lives for the better.


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