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Titanium Pyramid

Titanium pyramid – the most powerful pyramid

Pure titanium, as a metal, has truly unique properties, not only of a metallurgical nature. Its originality is also evident at the fine energy level. Alternative forms of measurement proved that only 10 dkg of this metal are able to emit a very strong pulsating energy field in a 0,5m perimeter, which can spontaneously enter into interaction with energy fields of inorganic but also organic nature.

The experiments carried out revealed that the intensity of this energy field is significantly increased if the titanium metal of the maximum possible purity is formed into the shape of one of the so called “Plato‘s objects”. Clearly the best results were achieved in case of a classic pyramid shape.

At this point, it is worth remembering that titanium is one of very few (if not even the only one) metallic elements against which the human organism does not create virtually any immune response. In other words, the molecular structure of this element is well received by organic material. Therefore, it is no surprise that the electron wrapper of the atomic nucleus of this element is able to amazingly communicate not only with the cell system of the human body, but also the body of animals or plants.

The vibrant energy field of titanium seems to be closely interlinked with the effects and influences of the planetary gravitational field as it reacts very sensitively to any even the slightest deviations of gravity. However, let‘s now focus on the unique synergic qualities of this element, especially in relation to crystal.

The course of previous experiments has shown quite clearly that the titanium (but only if it is shaped in the form of a pyramid) creates very strong synergic reactions with the molecular structure of crystal (SiO2) and shungite (carbon fullerenes formations). It can be noted that these three inorganic formations create an extremely efficient and powerful “Energy triad” with excellent effects in addressing human health, environment, spiritual development or even certain fuel savings (e.g. for the means of transport).

In order to properly understand the formation of the synergic effect between the "titanium pyramid" and crystal, we must look at the atomic structure of titanium and silicon (crystal is silicon oxide which contains a dominant quantity of an element called silicon) from a slightly unconventional perspective. 

The silicon atoms in connection with oxygen are able to show not only the well-known “piezoelectric effect”, but also the so-called “electro-gravitational effect”. This phenomenon arises at the micro-molecular level of any substance that is within the range of a “titanium pyramid”, which actively (at least in a non-local way remotely) communicates with a sufficiently energy-intensive atomic formation of silicon (at least 25 dkg of raw crystal is needed).

The “electro-gravitational effect” arises when the critical mass of electrons (negative ions) in the air is released as a result of the non-local interaction of the titanium-pyramid and the silicon energy fields.  This electron cloud accumulates into an axiomatically determined distance from the titanium pyramid and a slight decrease in the gravitational force occurs simultaneously at the molecular level of organic and inorganic matter.

This, as a result, also causes some very interesting changes in the ratio of the energy required at the input to the “system” (e.g. drive units) and the energy leaving the system (energy released). We were able to register this remarkable phenomenon in the lower consumption of fuel (petrol and diesel) in motor vehicles.

The illustrations below show the atomic structure of silicon and titanium in detail:

The “titanium pyramid” works primarily on the basis of changes in the resonance fields of individual electrons, which are located on fixed orbital pathways around the atomic nucleus, or on the resonance changes of the electron shell as a whole.

In this regard, they draw attention to the fact that the electron is not a typical particle, but a wave, or an energy equivalent with a circular wave characteristic. In this sense, we must not be confused that in the picture above, the electron is shown as a white spot or a point. In fact, this is not the case – it is a wave of circular character with its own pulsation / vibration, which is determined by the orbit of the electron. The very specific position is occupied by the so-called “valence electrons” located in the outermost orbit in the direction from the atomic nucleus.

Note that the energy-information field of silicon oscillates in the reference of number "14" (14 protons, 14 neutrons and 14 electrons) in the residual (2 - 8 - 4). The distribution of the number of electrons according to individual orbital pathways is also a very important factor, especially for the correct adjustment of the process of internal resonance transmutation. From a purely occult point of view, silicon is signified by the quality "Temperance" (the fourteenth tarot card), which indicates the admirable empathic and assimilation-convergent qualities of this element at the fine energy level.


The unique properties of titanium are immediately evident in the structure of its atomic nucleus. Note that unlike silicon, this element possesses four orbital pathways. The energy-information field of titanium oscillates in the reference of number "22" (22 protons, 22 neutrons and 22 electrons) in the residual (2 - 8 - 10 - 2). The first and the last orbital pathway is represented by the same number of electrons, respectively the first and the last orbits show the mirror-inverted wave function. This fact points to the very high capacity to absorb, transmit and store data elements (high communication skills).

Number "22" corresponds to a full potency of the tarot system, or the quality value of the “last” tarot card “The Fool”. This suggests that this element possesses qualities that extend far beyond the standard possibilities of the third dimension. So much to the essential aspects of the "titanium pyramid" - silicon, resp. crystal. There is much more information and practical recommendations, but it is beyond the scope of this article.